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What is Studio Vitality?

A Revolutionary Dance Studio in Iowa for Women

We Start with THREE BASIC MOVES: The Head Roll, The Hip Roll, and the Body Roll... From there, women's lives blossom. 👇😻---------------------- 😻 👇... Hugs, Cat

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Access to Cat's Epic Dance Studio online. Monthly dance tutorials, Introduction to Dance Basics (Head Roll anyone?), Confidence Building, Mindset Videos, access to our private Facebook page and more!

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You get access to Cat's Epic Dance Studio online. Monthly dance tutorials, Introduction to Dance Basics (Head Roll anyone?), Confidence Building, Mindset Videos, access to our private Facebook page and more!

Finding Lovable Again...

Join the Sisterhood

Gain confidence in a community of lovable women. Use dance and other secret-super-power-techniques from a world class women’s studio to change your role and live different...

The Big Lie: That you don’t deserve an amazing life because you are embarrassed or insecure about putting yourself first and owning the space around you. 

You don't have to give your loved ones LESS when you put yourself FIRST. 

Old method: Go to the regular gym and flog yourself on the treadmill. 

New Method: Come to a studio which will empower you to go out into your life and create amazing experiences that fulfill you more than any gym could. (and I love the gym)

Thousands of women have gotten over the problem by coming to the studio.

Life List

Women come to us looking for a place to move their body, start to reinvest in themselves... After YEARS of doing this for women... We know what you NEED:

  • Confidence: Mindset Magic made in the cauldron of Cat's 'safe space' at the Studio. Over 20 video workshops in this section alone, with homework!

  • Community: This isn't a virtual experience. You Will Become Part of Our Family. No Mean Girls... We have four videos and a private Facebook group to get your GURL on....

  • Move Your Body: Regain Your Lovable You... Move that thing girl... It makes everything better, I promise... We have SO MUCH Dancing for you... We have fresh new content monthly with a Vault of dances to pick from!

You Say:

"I can't do this because I am clumsy"

Most of the women who come to Vitality have ZERO dance experience. EVERY ONE OF MY INSTRUCTORS (except two) had ZERO dance experience.... I know… You can’t because of your unique situation… We all have 'situations' all the time… We are EXPERTS at situational excuses. Time to put yourself in front of your bs excuses.

You Say:

"I can't dance because so-and-so doesn't approve..."

I've heard every excuse in the book.... My mother wouldn't let me dance... My husband won't LET ME dance. (OH, Don't get me started)... You can't dance b/c you CHOOSE not to take the ACTION to learn the 3 BASIC DANCE MOVES...


  • What is this, exactly?

    We have a women's dance studio in the midwest, USA. It became a phenomenon. We have a digital version of our studio. We transform women through the art of dance. It's an online doorway to our studio, with transformative results in Confidence, Community, and Dance.

  • Who Are You Again?

    WE are the best little secret... We run a dance studio that serves as the gateway to transformation for women of all ages. We are classy. We are NOT about men or pleasing men in any way. We love men, it's just not about that...

  • What Does it Cost?

    I have a special deal when you join today... FREE for the first 14 days, then only $44.44 per month!

  • Guarantee

    We Guarantee Your confidence will improve in a MEASURED WAY, or you money back. No questions asked. We can't help ya? We don't take your money.


Top Cat

Cat Cantrill

As a speaker, teacher, performer, and entrepreneur, I have one mission: to Power Women. Everything changed for me many years ago on a rainy night in a trailer park, defending my two kids against a drunk maniac. I decided to take my life back and create the world I wanted to live in. Being a dancer my entire life, I decided to go back to dancing but found no where to go. So, I created Studio Vitality! Since that time, I opened my own burlesque dance studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa 6 1/2 years ago and have gone on to become a successful choreographer, lecturer, coach, international retreat giver and inspirational leader for my tribes of women. I cannot wait to teach you not only some fun, sensual & sassy routines, but to assist you with your mindset & confidence building too!

Beginning Vintage Instructor

Allie W

I’m Allie (Rosie Cheeks) and I am so excited to help you find yourself and love yourself through the art of burlesque. I took my first steps into the studio back in February of 2016 and since then I have learned to love myself as I am and break out of my shell. I hope this is something I can help you with as well!

Cabaret Instructor

Jamie S

I'm Jamie and I've been a member of Vitality for around 4 1/2 years now. I grew up in a tiny town called Mabel is southeast Minnesota (which you can probably hear in my accent). I currently live with my husband, our two cats and a Pekingese named Ping. Vitality has given me so much and I wanted to give back by sharing my love for the classes with other women and becoming a teacher! I want to help you feel your best in the body you have now, and have some fun at the same time!

Take the Studio into Your Life

Get it how you like it... -Cat

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